Securitas security guard Florida

Health and Safety service

Securitas believes that Health and Safety standards is important to the successful delivery of efficient security service. Securitas recognizes the importance of providing a safe and healthy working environment and taking all reasonable steps to prevent accidents and injuries, as well as supporting measures to promote health and well-being. We provide procedures and plans to prevent accident, fire or injury in customer’s site.

Securitas secure a number of factories, plants, construction projects as well as a large number of companies in the Oil & Gas Segment, and we have a comprehensive knowledge and experience in Health and Safety Execution. Our guards are trained on the first aid and fire fighting to keep your business safe and secured.

We offer:   

  • Health & Safety Environment (HSE) Managers   
  • Training   
  • Contingency Plans   
  • Evacuation Plans  for emergencies
  • Health & Safety Plans

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