On Demand Service

Securitas Egypt provides a range of temporary ad-hoc services for existing and new customers. In addition to our dedicated Close Protection Officer, we have a team of special trained Security Officers working on missions and events.

Mission Support

Securitas is increasingly supporting companies in missions; where security is needed for surveys or other functions in remote or high risk areas. We can provide vehicles, guards, radios and other equipment. Each Mission is unique, tailored to the specific needs of the customer.


  • Evacuation Plans tailored to the specific company and its employees    
  • Ad-Hoc evacuations; urgent requests for evacuations due to a sudden unrest


  • Pre-risk assessment followed by recommendations   
  • Rental of physical equipment such as metal detector gates   
  • Bodyguards and other Manpower
  • Vehicles to be used

Road Services   

  • Certified defense drivers and Close Protection officers to drive ahead of a convoy to scout the roads ahead of a shipment or other large convoy of vehicles  
  • Risk Assessments of certain areas and advice on routes
  • Personal movement assessments of CEO’s and VIP’s for the daily traveling pattern

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