Securitas security guard Munich


Securitas Egypt has an intensive experience addressing security risks in construction environment to prevent theft, accidents and any security breaches. Meaning that, we provide reliable and sufficient security solution for the construction areas.

We are currently working with three large construction projects, and is considered the most experienced provider in this segment. The main challenge for this segment is the constant change of risk, which requires an ability to adapt quickly and to change procedures according to the actual situation at the time. Construction projects also fluctuate in the need for manpower, and Securitas up/descale the force according to the needs.

The main criteria’s for selection, training and uniforms

Based on combination of the security system of Barriers , Bollards, Blockers for cars, CCTV cameras and any other equipment supported with specialized guard force in Access Control, Registry & filing, Search Procedures, Basic First Aid, Fire Fighting, Patrolling, CCTV Monitoring, Securitas provide safe working environment.

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Securitas believes that Health and Safety standards is important to the successful delivery of efficient security service. Securitas recognizes the importance of providing a safe and healthy working environment and taking all reasonable steps to prevent accidents and injuries, as well as supporting measures to promote health and well-being.