Securitas security guard Bangkok


Hospitality segment (hotels, restaurants,etc) is an open environment where security challenges have increased, especially, after the recent Egyptian revolutions. The target is how to support customers by providing a secured and gracious place for their guests, staff, visitors and contractors to enhance their experience, while mitigating the potential risks.

Securitas provides an integrated security solution to protect human and properties and address risks for special events, occasions or corporate meetings. Main risks are explosives, vandalism and internal theft. Physical security system to control access and CCTV are crucial in combination with an efficient and highly trained guard force.

Integrated solution is the key

By providing specialized guards trained on Bomb Searching techniques, How to deal with hospitality guests, patrolling and access control for contractors/laborers, English speaking, Customer Service, Conflict Resolution, Searching & Scanning, and to be supported with CCTV Monitoring, patrolling and explosive dogs.

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