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Egyptian industry is an expanded field with different challenges and requirements; Securitas Egypt customize solutions for a wide variety of industrial facilities according to what types of products a factory produces and types of equipment are used.  

We work with a number of factories, most of which are located in remote areas, and guards are accommodated and transported to/from site. Main risks are Health & Safety, vandalism, theft and controlling a high number of contractors. Access control is key, combined with strong processes and procedures to prevent theft and triss passing. Most of these contracts include security systems, such as CCTV and Access Control. Also, our guardforce are well trained on Health & Safety to address the specific needs of the industrial areas.

Industrial segment solution

An integrated solution combines the security system of Barriers , Bollards, Blockers for cars, CCTV cameras and any other equipment supported with specialized guard force in Access Control, Registry & Filing, Search Procedures, Basic First Aid, Fire Fighting, Patrolling, CCTV Monitoring.

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How Securitas protects Amreyah Cement

20 mega pixel cameras were distributed to detect trespassing actions that may occur to keep instant eye on the scene, cameras are connected with wireless technology through a control room.

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