Service and security at Amreyah Cement

Amreyah Cement Company has been a member of InterCement SA Group since July 2012. InterCement is a global cement powerhouse with 40 plants in nine countries and total capacity of 45 mtpa. InterCement’s turnover in 2012 reached EUR 2.79 billion. Amreyah Cement Company has grown over the years to have a cement production capacity of 5.5mtpa through three lines. Amreyah Cement Company is one of the key players in the national cement market and a regional leader in Alexandria and the North Coast with a strong brand name across its range of products. Amreyah Cement sales in 2013 have reached 3.2 mt. The plant has an annual production capacity of over than 3.9 Million tones.

Site nature and challenges,

The site is located in a remote area surrounded by a plain land and the approximate size of the factory is around 1.5 squares Km; the demography of the adjacent area residents are mostly from the Bedouins who are imposing power on lands and control their own territory. Since the revolution, Bedouins occupied the area and put investors under security pressure which exposing Amreyah Cement factory to the risk of theft, burglary, armed robbery, .. etc

Integrated security solution provided,

Securitas Egypt tailored an integrated solution which includes physical security, security system, guard force and security procedures to mitigate the risk around the boundary as the following,

  • “Patrolling, responding and detection technique are the most effective way of solving the trespassing challenge" says Country President Ahmed Emam. Therefore, Mobile patrols consisted of beach buggies, each one is equipped with strong headlights and siren mounted on the roof as well as two cameras provided with internal SD card memory, are implemented.
  • Securitas Egypt equipped the access gates with CCTV system for remote monitoring and trespassing detection. 20 mega pixel cameras were distributed to detect trespassing actions that may occur, cameras are connected with wireless technology through a control room that is equipped with motion detection software in order to transmit an order to the response team (buggies connected to the control room through radios) to dispatch the trespassing area while control room keep monitoring and reporting the situation.
  • Restructuring the Guard Force to an active manpower with less capacity and enhancing manpower cost structure for attracting professional guards and achieving high retention percentage.


The designed integrated security solution enhanced the performance of guard force from passive to active which mitigated the risk of theft, trespassing. Securitas Egypt works with preventive measures and undertakes protective action to deter and avert any future attempts of intruders, creating safe secure working environment.