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Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas is one of the largest segments in Egypt, and have very specific threats and risks.

Securitas is working with a number of Multinational Companies in this segment. The main risks are Health & Safety, but due to the current situation in Egypt, these companies can also be targets for vandalism and terrorism. Often, Oil & Gas Companies have sites in isolated desert areas, where Bedouins are present, which represents a very complex risk, and a professional Security Provider is crucial in order to manage and mitigate such complexity or risks. 


Services provided to Oil & Gas Customers include:

  • Spezialised Guarding
  • Health & Safety Officers
  • Fire Fighting Officers
  • Canine Services
  • Close Protection

Securitas ensures all customers have a high level of technology in place, and will always advise and offer:

  • Metal Detection
  • Turnstile
  • CCTV- active monitoring, often using Video Analytics

Be more secured with Securitas

Focus on Health & Safety besides special training program in Voluntary Principles on security and Human Rights is mandatory for all guards and supervisors working for this segment. Well trained guard force on Fire Fighting, First Aid, Conflict Resolution, Search Procedures is a very effective solution and will be more effective when associated with CCTV cameras, Access Control System, Car Blockers, patrolling and explosives dogs, etc

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